Shelby from Girls Behind The Rock Show talks Mental Health...Surviving and Thriving

Shelby will be doing regular VLOGs. If you have any topics you'd like her to cover or would like to do a guest VLOG, please feel free to reach out to CYHM? or Shelby directly.


Girls Behind the Rock Show started as an idea on paper years ago to help more young women become involved in the music scene starting from a younger age. Girls Behind the Rock Show aims to offer internships to both college aged girls who want to be involved in music in any capacity, as well as girls who are willing to just do the hustle. We are seeking out possible opportunities that may not have been found otherwise in both large and small music markets. GBTRS looks to provide you with a direct connection to getting into the business side of the scene whether you're in school, or just dedicated to the music industry at large. We're setting ourselves apart by offering you scholarships to be able to afford to live in your dream cities, for your dream internships that either you have sought out yourself, or ones we are able to provide. Wherever you are in your career, we want to help you find your path, make the connections and be able to stick to it. Ultimately, we're aiming to level the playing field and make it not only more accessible for females to become involved the industry, but stay involved and be able to further their careers alongside hardworking men. Keep checking back for more info as we update contests, our internship program, and more! Girls Behind The Rock Show is a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization

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