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Understanding Bookmaker's Odds: Exploring the Variety of Popular Online Betting Options

The question "What is a bookmaker's odds?" is a common inquiry among newcomers entering the world of sports betting. Understanding this concept is crucial for confidently selecting accurate bets and football tips expert  This article delves into this topic in detail.

What are Bookmaker's Odds?

Bookmaker's odds refer to the ratios provided by betting firms, allowing players to place bets on football matches. They are also known by various names such as football odds, betting odds, or betting rates.

Currently, to meet the needs of all players, the types of bets offered by bookmakers are increasingly diverse and abundant. Depending on the nature of the match and the strengths of both sides, the odds in these matchups will differ accordingly.

Generally, to understand what bookmaker's odds mean, the first step is to grasp the knowledge about bookmakers. This term, according to its phonetic transcription in English, is also known as Bookie or Bookmaker, referring to businesses, organizations, or companies that provide online betting services.

What is the role of bettors in bookmaker's odds?

According to experts, the task of bettors when participating in bookmaker's odds is to gather information and data related to the two teams in the match. Based on the collected results, players must make deductions and assessments before making appropriate betting choices on the trading platform. The more information and data collected, the greater the accuracy when investing. Consequently, the probability of making a profit when placing bets will also increase.

Types of Online Bookmaker's Odds

On the current trading floor, there are countless different types of betting options available for investors to choose from. These betting types can be divided into two categories: traditional and special odds.

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Traditional Bookmaker's Betting Types

For bettors who are already familiar with bookmaker's odds, their choices typically lie in the most common traditional betting rates. These include:

Asian Handicap Odds This type of bet, known as Handicap or Asian Handicap, is a popular form of betting that reflects the difference in strength between two teams in a match. The team with higher strength will be placed at the top by the bookmaker and will handicap the opponent by a certain value, thereby creating a balance of power for bettors to place their money on.

However, many newcomers or even seasoned bettors may not fully understand how Asian Handicap odds work. This type of betting has various odds such as 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, etc. Therefore, the calculation of wins, losses, and bonuses received will also vary.

1X2 European Odds On the trading floor, the 1X2 odds, also known as European odds, allow bettors to choose from three outcomes for investment:

1: Home team wins. X: Draw between both teams. 2: Away team wins.

When placing bets, the returns for bettors will correspond to the final result of the match. The difference between European odds and other betting types lies in the fact that the odds will have a higher disparity if one team proves to be much stronger in the confrontation.

To better understand what 1X2 bookmaker odds are online, let's continue with an example of a match between Manchester City vs Arsenal with European odds: 1.694.204.60. In this scenario, bettors will receive the following returns based on their selections:

  • Option 1: Players receive money = capital * 1.69 if Manchester City wins the match.

  • Option X: Bettors will earn total money = capital * 4.20 if both teams end the 90 minutes in a draw.

  • Option 2: This selection offers the highest odds with a winning 4.60 Odds when Arsenal defeats Manchester City in the official match period.

Over/Under Betting Odds Unlike the other two traditional odds, over/under betting does not concern the match result. Instead, players participating in this type of betting will study and analyze the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match.

The over/under odds on the trading floor will be provided by the bookmaker based on the goal-scoring and defensive capabilities of both football teams. To better understand what over/under bookmaker odds are, let's look at an example of a match between Bayern vs RB Leipzig. The odds for O/U 3.0 were set before kickoff. As such, the returns for investors will include:

  • Win bet if placed on Over if the total number of goals scored by Bayern vs Leipzig exceeds 4 goals. For example: 4-0, 3-2, 5-1, 1-4, 1-3, etc.

  • Results are considered Under if the total score in the match is less than or equal to 2. For example: 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1.

  • In the event that exactly 3 goals are scored in the match, the initial investment capital will be refunded to bettors.

Special Bookmaker's Betting Types

In addition to the common betting types mentioned above, investors can choose to place money and predict:

Corner Kick Betting Players will predict the total number of corner kicks within the arc of the goal line during the match. Consequently, suitable choices will be made for placing money in types of betting such as handicap, 1X2, or over/under corners.

Yellow Card Betting When asking what a yellow card bookmaker's odds are, the answer is that bettors will predict the total number of yellow cards drawn by the referee in the match. This type of betting is solely based on the number of cards drawn and is unaffected by other factors such as match results, over/under in the match, etc.

Player Goals Betting In this form, bettors will make predictions about which player will score goals during the match. Different choices at different times will have different high and free vip betting tips telegram 

Odd/Even Betting Odd/even is a type of bet that many investors love. This is a form of betting without regard to any outcome in the match, just focusing on whether the total score of the selected bet type is odd or even.


Thus, we have just explored in detail what bookmaker's odds are on the trading floor. This information provides players with clearer insights into betting options as well as the most accurate initial selection choices. Don't forget to update which types of bets are not recommended to increase opportunities for success.


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